Washington Schoolgirls Lacrosse Association Youth League (WaGLAXD) is a developmental, athletic organization that aspires to provide a high-quality experience to every athlete. A high-quality experience is one in which every athlete: Has fun playing

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Guidelines for Lightning Disturbances:

1. Assign staff to monitor local weather conditions before and during events.
2. Develop an evacuation plan, including identification of appropriate nearby shelters.
3. Develop criteria for suspension and resumption of play:
    a. When thunder is heard, or a cloud-to-ground lightning bolt is seen, the
        thunderstorm is close enough to strike your location with lightning. Suspend
        play and take shelter immediately.
    b. Thirty-minute rule. Once play has been suspended, wait at least 30 minutes
        after the last thunder is heard or flash of lightning is witnessed prior to
        resuming play.
    c. Any subsequent thunder or lightning after the beginning of the 30 minute count,
        reset the clock and another 30 minute count should begin.